About Us

Good Land Bee Supply is a division of American General Tool Group dealing in professional beekeeping equipment with a dedication towards providing class leading quality, service and support. With years of experience in the industry, benchmark manufacturing standards and collective feedback from beekeeping professionals, Good Land Bee Supply has consistently been able to offer products that not only address the requirements of experts but blend modern innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

Good Land Bee Supply is fully devoted to bring the highest quality beekeeping products for its professional and amateur customers so they can be efficient and productive with all the modern premium equipment at their disposal. Good Land Bee Supply combines consumer centered innovation with industry leading design and utilitarian functionality to bring the best of all worlds. With a focused range of beehive kits, parts and accessories, Good Land Bee Supply offers a product portfolio that can be relied on equally by an amateur and an industry veteran.

We remain committed to bring innovation-laced beekeeping solutions that are more into the future than rather being traditional. We believe that our combination of product and service has shaped the beekeeping industry for the better and we plan on not only keeping up with it but improve at every opportunity.